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Dear ElephantVoices News Subscribers

You have probably noticed that we have been rather quiet over the last few months - more quiet than we intended to be. But we have been extremely busy and are pleased to say that we will soon have some exciting achievements behind us. Some of you may visit our blog on WildlifeDirect and may follow part of our work through that channel. If you do you will know that one of our big tasks has been the preparations for a major overhaul of ElephantVoices which will offer a more flexible and user-friendly CMS-based website.

The expansion will also include a long-awaited Calls Database and a broader presentation of elephants and their communication. We do not dare to promise when "the new" ElephantVoices is on air, but in a couple of months most of the work should be done. We'll keep you informed. Have a great summer - and take care!

Greetings, Petter