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Musth and male-male competition in African elephants online

For those of you who are interested in the lives of male elephants and their behavior in and out of the sexual and aggressive phenomenon of musth, we now have available for download a scanned PDF version of Joyce Poole's Cambridge University PhD thesis. Written in 1982, the thesis is entitled, Musth and male-male competition in the African elephant. Although the look is somewhat dated, the contents are comprehensive and represent the first work on musth in African elephants. While, much of the material has since been published in scientific journals (e.g. Poole and Moss, 1981; Moss and Poole, 1983; Poole and Moss, 1989; Poole et al., 1984; Poole, 1987; Poole, 1989a; Poole 1989b and Poole, 1999) some of its contents have not been published elsewhere.

The entire thesis: Joyce Poole, 1982. Musth and male-male competition in the African elephant.pdf (34.12 MB). If you are not sure whether you want it, you can make a judgement by reading the abstract here.