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Contact call video clip

Hi All

While preparing for our next field trip to Amboseli I am also checking out different publishing options on our web platform. In the field such activities are more of a challenge, and our internet-connection not fiber-optic superspeed-like, so it makes sense to get to know the possibilities before we're in the bush. I have uploaded a video sample from our collection of elephant vocalizations to YouTube - you can read more about our future vocalization database on ElephantVoices here.

The clip shows what we call a Contact Call. Elephants use Contact Calls to keep in audible contact with one another sometimes over long distances. In a sense an interchange of contact calls queries, "I am here, where are you?" and in answer, "I am over here". Contact calls typically contain a series of at least three calls: The querying rumble by the initial caller, an answer by a second individual and then a confirmation by the initial caller that the answer has been received. Other nearby family members may also add their voice to the second or third phase of the series.

Read more about Contact Calls, and listen to a variety of samples, here.

Cheers, Petter