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Elephants and the issue of revenge creates media interest

An interview with Joyce Poole and other scientists in New Scientist 18 February edition created substantial media focus. The article entitled, Elephants on the edge fight back, examines the underlying causes of what appears to be increasing aggression directed towards people. Increasing evidence suggests that post-traumatic stress disorder as well as revenge may play a role. You will find the full article here, icon Elephants on the edge fight back (156.69 kB), and some other media coverage here.

Just having arrived back from Kenya Joyce and Petter were very disturbed to learn that a below freezing and snow-covered Sandefjord, Norway, was expecting a visit from a circus with elephants. The local newspaper Sandefjords Blad published their commentary on 21. February. (In English icon here (51.35 kB).

Greetings, Petter/ElephantVoices