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Appeal for support - new laptop with elephants voices

DeaJoyce and Petter.r All,

Portable computers are vital for the work that Petter and I are doing, and my 6-year-old Compaq has needed to retire for some time! Several key functions does not work... The worst aspect of it is that the sound system has gone silent - which isn't great for someone who works on elephant communication. A "cheap" dollar makes it sensible to buy a replacement when I am in the US on an elephant-related task in late August.

We do understand that some of you may feel that computers are rather boring items compared to other field equipment, but without one I can't do any field work and neither can I bring what I do to share with you when I am on lecture tours. We would be extremely grateful if you would be willing to contribute towards this resource. We're happy that the numbers of visitors on our blog is steadily increasing - and any donation is an inspiration to continue what we do for elephants! Thank you for caring!

Best wishes, Joyce