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Elephant Partners - Maasai Mara

In early 2011 ElephantVoices launched "Elephant Partners", an elephant conservation project based in the Maasai Mara ecosystem. The goal of....
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Visiting Kibo at Sheldrick's orphanage October 2010

There is a sad story behind every baby elephant who ends up in captivity. The worst examples are when they are forcibly taken from their....
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See and hear Echo of the Elephants

One year ago, Sunday 3 May 2009, Echo, the matriarch of the EB family, died in Amboseli. In her memory we compiled some images of and....
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STE Research Camp in Samburu, Kenya, hit by floods

On Wednesday 3rd we had a productive meeting with Iain Douglas-Hamilton, founder and director of Save the Elephants, and others in preparation....
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Kenya wins further backing for ban on trade in ivory

Kenya is among countries working hard to convince the parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Read More

Happy Holidays & Warm Wishes for 2010!

We wish you all Happy Holidays - and hope for a kinder 2010 for all living creatures! We are grateful if you speak out for elephants whenever....
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Elephants banned from Norwegian circuses?

We are obviously happy to see that The Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture proposes to ban elephants from Norwegian circuses. We have been....
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Boom in ivory trade - elephants future is at stake!

Twenty years after the international trade in ivory was banned, there is a new boom in the killing of elephants for their tusks. This....
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Visiting Lucy at the Valley Zoo

I returned home Sunday evening from a visit to see Lucy at the Edmonton Valley Zoo in Canada. Now that Maggie has been moved to the PAWS....
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Joyce's Ringling report & testimony online

Hi friends,

We are trying to take our summer holiday, but between lousy weather and elephants in crisis we keep being....
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Matriarch and world renown Echo dies

It is very sad that Echo, the Matriarch of our primary study group in Kenya, has died. She has been the leader of her family for over 36 years....
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We would like you to be aware that will be offline for a few weeks, while we continue to rebuild and expand the site. The new....
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Notes from the field - from Blake

One of the few bright spots in this uncommonly dry February that we find ourselves in, has been being able to observe a certain young elephant....
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Amboseli elephant baby stuck in well - and then to orphanage

After a early morning recording session last week Blake and I were told by our Read More

We wish all elephant friends a joyful holiday!

We're getting very close to Christmas and the end of the year, and want to use this opportunity to send warm wishes and a heart felt ....
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ElephantVoices End Year Letter 2008 - and short update

Dear ElephantVoices News subscribers and Visitors

We have recently sent out....
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Frustrated Elephant Billy in LA Zoo still not out - but gets international attention

In our previous post we wrote about our involvement in trying to convince the LA City Council members to close down the elephant exhibit at the....
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The future of Billy in LA Zoo at stake - busy times during lecture and fundraising tour in California

After almost two weeks on the road with several events and fundraisers behind us, we depart from California and Los Angeles this afternoon.....
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Happy Easter!

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Elephants and saving the planet

Hi all,

I am in a philosophical mood today. I am generally full of enthusiasm - a trait that runs in my family, but I....
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Progress in our photo management

Petter and I have been making real progress on a project that we have wanted to accomplish for a long time. After some research we bought ACDC....
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The good and bad news for South Africa’s elephants

Many of you have seen or heard that the South African Government has taken some major decisions regarding the future management of the country's....
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2-4 January 2008 – We continue our work with ambivalence

We must admit that it feels strange to continue our research here in Amboseli while the situation in the country is dire and so many people are....
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1. January 2008 – Hoping for an end to the current turmoil in Kenya

The rainy season is a time for elephants to gather in large aggregations, for socializing, for mating and for traveling to new pastures.....
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Update from recent events and activities


Joyce flew to South Africa on 7/11 to attend a....
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Update from Joyce

Hi out there,

I was traveling when the ElephanVoices blog was set up so this is my first entry.

It is a very....
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Short update October 2006

It's been rather quiet from us for some time, though not caused by a lack of activities or events. After a fantastic Norwegian summer and a ....
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Short update from events and activities 2nd quarter

Joyce was in Amboseli from 12-24 April, mainly working on the new ATE digital elephant ID database and the upcoming Amboseli book.

Update from events and activities 1st quarter

Due to a family tragedy the ElephantVoices website has not been prioritized the last few months, but we are slowly getting back to speed. In....
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Green Amboseli - Happy New YEAR!

During our month long work period based in our ATE field station in Amboseli National Park we have so far (Dec. 26) experienced a lot of rain.....
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High on the agenda: Coexistence of elephants and people - elephant welfare

Petter departs for Kenya and Amboseli for a two-week visit on 23rd August, mainly to work with the ongoing project, “Mitigating ....
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Short update May 2005

The fact that is has been rather quiet from us for some time does not mean that nothing is happening within the project. In March and part of ....
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New Echo film - Tsunami and Sri Lanka

The third film about Amboseli's EB family (our study elephants) is being shown on the BBC's Natural World on Wednesday 19th January, with a....
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ElephantVoices in Idaho - and Kenya

It has taken more time and energy to establish ourselves in Norway than we expected and for this reason ElephantVoices has been rather quiet ....
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Changes - relocation of base & lab/office

It has been quieter on ElephantVoices than we would have wished over the last couple of months. The reason is that after living in Kenya for 35....
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Big HEC project launched

Over the last year ElephantVoices has focused a lot of attention on the development of a three-year project that will contribute toward finding....
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Short report - new research tent in Amboseli!

The beginning of 2003 has been marked by the political initiatives by the newly elected and very promising Kenyan government. Kenyans and....
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Will Tanzania really build road of mass destruction?

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Junia in Brazil joins ElephantVoices efforts

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See and hear Echo of the Elephants

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