Joyce was in Amboseli from 12-24 April, mainly working on the new ATE digital elephant ID database and the upcoming Amboseli book.
Project manager Soila Sayialel, Robert Sayialel and Norah Njiraini working with the ID database in "Echo Romeo Hotel", ATE's field office i Amboseli

In general the book, The Amboseli Elephants: A long-term perspective on a long-lived mammal, has been close to an all consuming task during the last few months. The book will present the accumulated findings of more than 30 years of research on the Amboseli elephant population. Almost 20 scientists who have been involved in the Amboseli project over the years are contributing to what will be a vital source of information for people interested in or working with elephants.

With our contributions to the Amboseli book soon off our hands we plan to use more energy on the development of the elephant communication database on ElephantVoices.

Elephantvoices' FAQ about elephants in captivity was updated in the beginning of July. The changes are mainly related to the first ten questions/answers. Some more documents are linked, and also included in the welfare documents page. Among these are the resent updated version of ATE's statement about elephants in circuses.

Some good news: Today we learned that icon the statement (161.77 kB) we prepared late last year arguing against the capture of wild elephants for elephant back safaris has been successfully used in a South African court case to protect elephants.

We are on behalf of all elephants also happy that African governments reached an agreement during the last CITES meeting in the Hague that gives a nine year ban on further ivory trade. You can read more about the long and controversial "ivory saga" here.

We are soon off on our summer holiday with our eager seafarer, Malita, and wish you all a pleasant and relaxed summer!

Greetings, Petter/ElephantVoices