Dear Friend of ElephantVoices,

When elephants have a goal to accomplish, a plan to put into motion, they reach out to their friends. When they have had success and achieved something together, they acknowledge the members of their team. We call it High-Fiving, because it is used in much the same way as we would High-Five with our hands - as a call to action or a celebration of an accomplishment. Only elephants do it with their trunks :-).

Joyce is now into her 42nd year studying elephants and working for their conservation and welfare. In 2017 she and Petter will have worked together as ElephantVoices for 15 years. Just like elephants we rely on our team, and You are on it.

We are grateful for our network of donors, collaborators, colleagues, volunteers and other friends of elephants. We could not do without your support, encouragement, compassion and knowledge. To show our gratitude we High-Five all of you!

Thank you for being there for elephants and for us.

Trumpets, Joyce and Petter

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