Joyce and Petter in Kenya office ElephantVoices© was initiated in 2002 (as the Savanna Elephant Vocalization Project) and developed by Petter Granli and Joyce Poole. All text, photographs and sounds on the website are copyright ElephantVoices, Petter Granli and Joyce Poole, if not otherwise marked. 

Petter is Webmaster, and overall responsible for the management, structure, maintenance, updates and expansions of the ElephantVoices website.

Web advice and design and templates for our initial site was generously contributed by Signatur, Norway. Kenneth Ngunjiri, Kenya, assisted with html and PHP/MySQL programming. Philip Nyamwaya and Intrepid Data Systems, also Kenya, developed the interface for our offline elephant calls Access database.

The next generation site was launched in July 2009, as a result of a close collaboration between Petter and Joyce and programmers Mark Mwongela, Fredrick Mwangima, and Ferdinand Eloto from Verviant Consulting Services, Kenya. Online databases with Ajax functionality/interface have been programmed by Fredrick and Mark. Ferdinand joined the programming team in April 2009. In late 2013 was re-designed, and in February/March 2014 the Joomla! platform was fully upgraded, improved and prepared for mobile-friendly use and further expansion. Fred, Mark and Tom Mwenda were ElephantVoices' main collaborators in Verviant.

ElephantVoices is built in Joomla!, with Cisco Webservers as webhost. Joomla! is an open source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and optimized for Apache Web server.


ElephantVoices is intended for scientists, wildlife managers, policy makers, students, elephant enthusiasts and the general public. For those of you who have dropped in here more or less by chance, we hope it stimulates your interest in elephants!

We would appreciate comments from you about as it evolves over the years.

Please mail any comments to Petter Granli, ElephantVoices

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