We are always happy to hear from people who love elephants and who support our cause - and it is great to know that some celebrities are behind us, too. Their interest may inspire others to follow, which is important in itself. The signatures below are on DVDs and books that have been auctioned or sold to benefit ElephantVoices. You will find DVDs and books with autographs by Viggo Mortensen, James Cromwell, Lily Tomlin, Jane Velez Mitchell, Jorja Fox, Paul Haggis, Bill Maher, Jason Patric, Kevin Nealon and Bernie Williams.

DVD of "All of Me" starring Lily Tomlin and Steve Martin with an autograph from Lily Tomlin.

DVD of Bill Maher and HBO's "New Rules" signed by Bill Maher.
Check also video clip at bottom of the page.

DVD of Season One of Showtime's "Weeds", starring Kevin Nealon and Mary Louise Parker
with an autograph from Kevin Nealon.

DVD of "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" starring Viggo Mortensen and Sir Ian McKellan,
with an autograph from Viggo Mortensen.

DVD of "Christmas in the Clouds" starring Mariana Tosca and Graham Greene, with an autograph from Mariana Tosca.

DVD of "Crash" starring Matt Dillon and Brendan Fraser, with an autograph from Paul Haggis (Screenwriter and Director).

DVD of "Narc" starring Jason Patric and Ray Liotta signed by Jason Patric.

DVD of "Peaceable Kingdom" Documentary with an autograph from James Cromwell.

DVD of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" starring Jorja Fox and William Petersen,
with an autograph from Jorja Fox and a press photo of the cast.

DVD of "The Score" starring Edward Norton and Robert De Niro, with an autograph from Bernie Williams (Executive Producer).

Hardcover Book of "Secrets Can Be Murder" by Jane Velez-Mitchell and a forward by Nancy Grace,
with an autograph from Jane Velez-Mitchell.

Book of "Matuhi Needle" with an autograph from Viggo Mortensen.

DVD of "Elephants and Man: A Litany of Tragedy" produced by Melya Kaplan and Voice for the Animals Foundation,
with an autograph from Mariana Tosca.

Book of "The Horse is Good" with an autograph from Viggo Mortensen.

Bill Maher about ElephantVoices.