We're grateful to the organizations, companies and individuals below for making this project possible. We also greatly appreciate our collaboration with Kenya Wildlife Service, the Narok County Council, the Conservancies and Group Ranches, the Mara Elephant Project and other stakeholders of the Mara ecosystem and its elephants.

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Sightings & photo contributors

  • Doug Aja, Pat Awory, Kerstin Bucher, Gini Cowell, Bertrand Dumont, Ole Bernt Frøshaug, Marc Goss, Keith Hellyer, Dana Jones, Agness Kilena, Lynne Leakey, Junia Machado, Dominic Mijele, Alfred Mepukori, Divya Mudappa, Jonna Nielsen, Derrick Nabaala, Gina Poole, Linda Porter, Mike Rainy, Gordon Shaw, Amos Ole Tininah, Kalyan Varma and other individuals.