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ElephantVoices on Facebook - 4U!

More and more people are on social networks - and the popularity of Facebook continue to increase. ElephantVoices is following the trend, with the obvious goal of improving our educational interface towards a global audience. With the current disastrous boom in the trade in ivory and poaching anybody working for the future and interest of elephants must optimize all efforts trying to reduce supply and demand for ivory.

ElephantVoices on facebookElephantVoices' facebook "window" will be were we will post daily updates, viewpoints and comments, while hoping for many from you as well. We will at the same time continue to improve and expand when it comes to comprehensive information about elephant communication and elephants interests, and our multimedia databases. We will also give news updates through the site, when appropriate. After a few days close to 850 people has registered as fans on our Facebook Page.

ElephantVoices 4U is launched to provide a network for youth who want to discuss and work together to secure a kinder future for elephants. We are very grateful for anyone recruiting young people to join! ElephantVoices have 449 fans after less than a week.

ElephantVoices is also on Twitter, for people that want to follow our work and updates through this communication channel.