The fact that is has been rather quiet from us for some time does not mean that nothing is happening within the project. In March and part of April we spent a few weeks in Kenya, but unfortunately not long enough in our field station in Amboseli due to obligations in Nairobi. Meetings with our collaborators took part of the time.

Ebony with  her calf, April 2005.  (©ElephantVoices)Furthermore, for Petter a substantial amount of time went it to the ongoing project “Mitigating Human-Elephant Conflicts in the Amboseli eco-system. This issue is of major importance for the future survival of the Amboseli elephants. After a long dry period it started to rain while in the field, and soon it was difficult to follow our study elephants off-road. The Park very soon received 200mm of rain, and everything became brilliant green. Elephants in groups of more than 200 came into the park in the morning, and walked in the Kilimanjaro direction in the evening. And Ebony in the EB family, not even 11, got a baby. A male. The EB’s are now 30.

Two scientific papers have been published since last newsletter, and right now Joyce is in the US working together with some AERP colleagues on the book The Amboseli Elephants: a long-term perspective on a long-lived mammal, that will be published on University of Chicago Press.

We plan to upload a substantial number of new recordings to ElephantVoices in the next couple of months, and hope you will visit us soon again.

Greetings, Petter/ElephantVoices