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A film you must see - about nine little elephants

Please watch "9 Little Elephants"! This is an important and moving film, which tells the story of the Sondelani elephants and exposes the dark side of the elephant-back safari business. Mary, Jack, Mancube, John, Jessica, Nomalanga, Emily, Emma, Baby Girl and Dumasani, were captured and brutally trained for elephant-back safaris in Zimbabwe. Little Dumasani died of malnutrition and abuse during the process. Through the incredible perseverance and compassion of many dedicated individuals, the nine others were released back to the wild in Hwange National Park.

ElephantVoices played a small but important role in the rescue and release of these elephants by offering advise on elephant behavior to Karen Trendler, the ZNSPCA, and Four Paws. You can read some more about what happened through these previous news pieces here on
- Wild elephants captured for elephant back safaris (3 Sept. 2009)
- Appeal for the Sondelani elephants (11 Sept. 2009)

Bullhooks and chaining, and the brutal training for circuses and elephant-back safaris that relies on restraint and negative reinforcement, are contentious issues in the elephant world. "9 Little Elephants" shows why we feel so strongly that these tools and the practice of capturing and brutally training elephants should be made a thing of the past. Read more on Elephants captured and sold.

A warm Thank You to all those individuals who made the release of these elephants a reality - and to the producer of the 45 minute documentary Coral Tree Films!