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Elephant polo: Conservation activity or animal abuse?

Elephant football, Thailand. (©Bob Poole)As tourists we often don't consider what goes on behind the scenes when entertainment and "local culture" involve animals. One can easily be charmed by the experience of elephant-back safaris and rides, elephant football or elephant polo, not knowing the brutal reality that is often behind these kind of activities. The use of elephants in tourism has become an industry in itself, which you can read more about on this page.

Shubhobroto Ghosh has written a read-worthy article about elephant polo in Monsoon 2010 - Elephant polo: conservation activity or animal abuse? (1.3 MB). The article touches on the involvement of a high profile Asian elephant conservation group, Elephant Family, who should know better. We advise you to read the article, post this page on your Facebook account (click on SharePage, FB option, in top right corner) or forward the URL to this page to friends. If you are a supporter of Elephant Family you may want to let them know you disagree with their support of this "sport."