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Why live elephants should not be used in TV and film - new EV page and letter to film producers

We just uploaded a new page under section Elephant Interests that you might like to read - Elephants in TV and film. Many leading authorities on elephants, including scientists, conservationists, welfare experts and veterinarians, agree that elephants have no place in entertainment.

From  Elephant on Trampoline - Courtesy of Nicolas Deveaux.The conditions forced upon elephants used in entertainment are inherently detrimental to individual welfare, since physical and social needs are always secondary to performance. Calves are torn from their mothers to be broken and intensively trained. By long tradition and often by necessity elephants are held in small pens or on chains and transported around in semi-trucks. On location they are often even further restricted. These conditions bear no semblance to an elephant’s natural lifestyle. Lack of space and companions, and physical and mental inactivity all have enormous consequences for the individual’s health and well-being over the course of a lifetime.

You will find the page here, with link to letter recently sent to the producers of the upcoming film "Water for Elephants" presenting the arguments for not using live elephants in this (or any other) TV or film production.

Cheers, Petter