Zimbabwe elephants freed

On 21st April, I received an email from Glynis Vaughan of the Zimbabwe NSPCA about a second capture of 10 wild elephants (we provided an affidavit for the earlier Shearwater case). These....
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Elephant abuse in South Africa in court

We want to draw your attention to another situation in which cruelty toward elephants is in court - this time in South Africa.

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Joyce finally in court in legal case against Ringling Brothers Circus

Joyce is currently in Washington DC to testify as expert witness in the Read More

Ringling case delayed

A few hours after Joyce arrived in Washington DC she got the message that the court case mentioned in Read More

Joyce in court in Washington DC

Having been prepared for 8 years the Read More

An Elephant In The Room, new book

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Ringling case delayed

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Joyce in court in Washington DC

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