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Great interest in Nature Feature; Elephants are capable of vocal learning

The featured Nature article icon Elephants are capable of vocal learning. (289.43 kB) has created huge media interest. Journalists from all over the world have been in contact with ElephantVoices' Joyce Poole and colleagues Peter Tyack and Stephanie Watwood (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute) and Angela Stoeger-Horwath (Vienna Zoo).

Media interest has included several BBC radio programs: The World Service (Wednesday evening/Thursday morning), The Leading Edge (Radio 4 Broadcast Thursday 9:00 pm London time), Science in Action, Radio Five Live. Other radio programs include: Science Update, American Association for the Advancement of Science, National Public Radio and Campus, of German Public Radio.

Newspapers interest so far: The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, NewsDay, Asahi Shimbun, and Kyodo News. We have spoken with Journals: Science, Sciences et Avenir and Science News. Online news: National Geographic News, BBC News Online, Spektrumdirekt. News Agencies: Agence France Presse. TV: Daily Planet.

Greetings, Petter/ElephantVoices