Over the last year ElephantVoices has focused a lot of attention on the development of a three-year project that will contribute toward finding solutions and tools to mitigate human elephant conflict. Petter, Hamisi Mutinda, and Joyce together wrote a proposal on behalf of the Amboseli Elephant Research Project that has recently received financial support from the US Fish and Wildlife, Born Free Foundation and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). The project will be executed in affiliation with Kenya Wildlife Service and in close collaboration with Centre for Wildlife Management of the School for Field Studies. Petter will as main project initiater and member of its Steering Committee chaired by a KWS representative continue to follow the project, and be responsible for reporting to funding bodies and further grant proposals.

The kick-off of the project took place on 1 August with Winnie Kiiru as Project Manager and John Kioko as Project Researcher. Updates from the project will be included under the ElephantVoices Tools in Conservation section/HEC or Harmony, The Big Challenge.

The ability of a rapidly growing population of people to co-exist in relative harmony with wildlife is of major importance for the future of Amboseli’s elephants, as it is in most areas of the world that still boast populations of the world’s largest land mammal.

Cheers, Petter/ElephantVoices