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Echo an Unforgettable Elephant - new documentary

We're certain that those of you who know about world-famous Echo, the late matriarch of the EB family, will enjoy some more time with her. As many of you are aware of, the EBs were our study group, so we are particularly fond of this wonderful and engaging family. You can watch a new documentary on BBC2 5th August at 8 PM (England) - a celebration of the life and legacy of Echo, who was born in 1945 and died in 2009. BBC's Natural World followed this very special elephant for the last 20 years of her life. The documentary will be shown on PBS on 17th October - stay tuned for more information.

The film reflects on the life of a remarkable elephant and discovers what happens to the family, bereft of Echo's leadership after half a century with her as their matriarch. You can find some interviews, video clips and photos related to "Echo an Unforgettable Elephant" here. A short teaser related to this program, introduced by Sir David Attenborough, is included below.

You can view some more photos of her, and listen to her voice, here. The photos and recordings on this page are from the work of ElephantVoices, partly incorporated in our online databases.