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Radio interview Zimbabwe wildlife deal

Front  page  letter Mr. ChadengaA week ago we posted Zimbabwe captures elephants and creates an angry storm - and along with many others we keep hoping that Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority will cancel its plans for further captures in Hwange National Park and the shipment of these animals to North Korea. Its been amazing to see how many people have written to us to express their disgust with the authority's plans - especially moving have been some of the e-mails from Zimbabweans.

On 21st May Joyce did an interview with SW Radio Africa about the captured elephants. You can listen to the interview below - after buffering move to 23.15 to go directly to where the interview starts.

For those of you who have not seen the open letter (180.02 kB) that more than 50 organisations from around the world signed on to, click on the letter to the right. Pass it on to as many people as you will!

If you want to sign a petition you can do so here.