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Must-read piece in Nature about proposed Serengeti road

Screenshot Nature Vol. 467, 16 September 2010 Global reactions against the proposed highway through the Serengeti continue to pop up - and many distinguished scientists and organizations have added their voice. ElephantVoices brought forward part of the discussion and some sources of information in a news piece 16th July 2010.

One of the arguments mentioned in a thorough and constructive opinion piece, which appeared in the 16 September issue (Vol. 467) of Nature, is how the proposed road would allow easy access to poachers. Unlike some other populations in Tanzania, the elephants of the Serengeti have so far been largely spared the curse of illegal ivory hunters - due in part to its inaccessibility. A major commercial road through the heart of the Serengeti could easily change that, which added to other disastrous consequences of the proposed road would further demolish Tanzania's position as a responsible leader in conservation. You will find the Opinion Piece in Nature here (633.8 kB).