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Visiting Kibo at Sheldrick's orphanage October 2010

There is a sad story behind every baby elephant who ends up in captivity. The worst examples are when they are forcibly taken from their families to entertain or work for us, or when their families are killed by poachers bullets.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya, rescues many of these orphaned babies and we warmly support their rehabilitation efforts. Several people have asked me to put online some photos from my recent visit to their orphanage. I hope you enjoy seeing the little video below, showing some intimate scenes from my meetings with "little" Kibo since I together with staff from Amboseli Elephant Research Project rescued him from a well near Sinya Mines west of Amboseli National Park in January 2009. Based on the circumstances around our first meeting, my attachment to my foster elephant Kibo is a special one. It gives me big pleasure to see that he is doing fine while being prepared for his long "journey" back to the wild.

You can find a news piece from the Kibo rescue here, a short follow up story here, and a small piece with a short video from a visit in March 2010 here.

Cheers, Petter