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ElephantVoices End Year Letter 2008 - and short update

Dear ElephantVoices News subscribers and Visitors

We have recently sent out....
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Frustrated Elephant Billy in LA Zoo still not out - but gets international attention

In our previous post we wrote about our involvement in trying to convince the LA City Council members to close down the elephant exhibit at the....
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The future of Billy in LA Zoo at stake - busy times during lecture and fundraising tour in California

After almost two weeks on the road with several events and fundraisers behind us, we depart from California and Los Angeles this afternoon.....
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Happy Easter!

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Elephants and saving the planet

Hi all,

I am in a philosophical mood today. I am generally full of enthusiasm - a trait that runs in my family, but I....
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Progress in our photo management

Petter and I have been making real progress on a project that we have wanted to accomplish for a long time. After some research we bought ACDC....
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Starting new elephant conservation project in Sri Lanka

Date added: 2008-09-23 07:09:30
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Wherever they are - elephants need our support

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Elephants and saving the planet

Date added: 2008-04-04 12:51:49
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