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Exciting news from Maasai Mara

Some very exciting news (at least for me)! Back in 1998 I started an elephant study in the Maasai Mara. I identified over 100 adult females in the course of about 2 weeks, accounting for over 400 elephants, including calves. Then a security incident forced me to quit the Mara project.

The other day I asked Asuka Takita, who works in Mara Triangle, if she was willing to take photos of elephants in the course of her work. Today she sent me a batch of photos from a group she saw and, guess what? I recognised two of the adult females! Twelve years later these ladies are alive and well and beautiful.

All those years ago I had given them numbers f (for female) 0078 and 0080. They were in a family group I numbered "32" and they are still together today. Yes, names will come and those of you who help us can also help us to name them, but we have to work out a system first otherwise it will be chaos! But just so you can see how easy it is to recognize elephants even after such a long time here are the two females f0078 and f0080 - exciting times ahead! Joyce


F0078 in 1998

f0078 in 1998

F0078 taken by Asuka Takita in 2010

f0078 in 2010

f0078 in 2010


F0080 in 1998

f0080 in 1998

F0080 taken by Asuka Takita in 2010

f0080 in 2010

f0080 in 2010