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Field vehicle problems - appeal for support

Joyce and Petter here,

ElephantVoices'  field vehicle. (©ElephantVoices)While we frantically prepare for our field trip to Kenya (we depart tomorrow December 14th) we receive a message that our field vehicle, a rugged 1993 model Toyota Landcruiser, desperately needs repair. As you can see from the pictures, it meets some tough challenges in Amboseli. During the last couple of weeks another researcher has been using it, but because of starting problems it is currently "out of business". The long list written by a mechanic in Amboseli makes us despair:

  • Fuse box, which needs replaced due to a short, which results in overheating and the fuses melting
  • Replace rear shock absorbers (x2) as they are very worn and leaking. (TZ recommends the gas type)
  • The universal joint on the prop shaft needs replacing as it is worn and there is a lot of play.
  • Replace the top link bushes, which are both worn and cracked.
  • The rear silencer is very old and worn and in need of replacement.
  • The stabiliser bushes at the front of the car are exhibiting a lot of play and need to be looked at.
  • The oil seal on the transfer box is leaking oil.
  • Both tire rod ends are very worn and must be replaced as a matter of urgency.
  • The hub oil seals are leaking on both thr front right and left wheels.
  • Both rear stabiliser bushes need replaced.
  • Finally, the front arm bushes are worn, especially on the left hand side.

We are arranging to have the immediate problems dealt with as a matter of urgency, but will have to assess the rest of the long list when we are in Kenya. Being an old bush-car we may have to accept some peculiarities... We are extremely grateful for any contribution towards meeting the substantial costs we will have to face - our dear old Landcruiser is vital for our work and the elephants are totally relaxed around it.

And now the final packing before our AM departure tomorrow... You'll hear more about our field vehicle and other issues later!

Best wishes, Joyce and Petter