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Amboseli National Park downgraded to national reserve

The same day, 29 September, that Joyce returned from a productive 2.5 week field trip to Kenya and Amboseli it was announced that President Kibaki had agreed that Amboseli National Park should be given back to Kajiado County Council. Tourism and Wildlife Minister Morris Dzoro subsequently issued a special Gazette notice downgrading Amboseli from the status of a national park to a national reserve.

Kenya Wildlife Service, the current managers of the Park, were not consulted or informed about the decision, and nor were the many other stakeholders. Since the announcement the media and numerous organizations and individuals have followed and questioned the surprising move while Amboseli has been inundated by thousands of cows. The general impression is that the manner in which the change was executed does not follow Kenyan law.

It is still unclear how Amboseli, a park that has been vital for Kenya's and Kenya Wildlife Service's economy, and famous among international tourists, will be managed in the future. This issue is naturally of great concern for Amboseli Elephant Research Project and ElephantVoices, since it will obviously have consequences for the elephant population in the area. You can find several articles about the situation through a search on Amboseli in the Daily Nation.

Greetings, Petter/ElephantVoices