Big fire in and around elephant research camp

Checking e-mails at the airport on a return trip to Norway last Friday we received quite a shock when we read the Read More

Good news for the Kenyan people and wildlife

Around the world people watched yesterday as Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga finally reached an agreement. Kenyans are celebrating - and those of us who love Kenya hope that a foundation....
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Edo's origins

The comment we received from Anna in response to Meeting Mr. Nick prompts me to write this post. She mentions a male named Edo, who originally came from Amboseli's EB family,....
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16. December - Amboseli, settling in

We departed for Amboseli at midday arriving at camp just after 17:00. The dirt road into the Park from the border town of Namanga was really corrugated, and we quickly realized how....
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15. December – Kenya

Today was spent making arrangements for our trip to Amboseli and meeting up with Mark Mwongela from Intrepid Data Systems who is building a searchable Elephant ID database for the....
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Amboseli National Park downgraded to national reserve

The same day, 29 September, that Joyce returned from a productive 2.5 week field trip to Kenya and Amboseli it was announced that President Kibaki had agreed that Read More

Communication and the interests of elephants

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Christmas is over - back in Amboseli

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16. December - Amboseli, settling in

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15. December – Kenya

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