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"The Performance" - a disturbing video many should see

The video below - "The Performance" - is one of the most powerful ones about performing animals we have seen - and even though it is sad and disturbing it should be spread far and wide. Many of your friends might not know about all the cruelty that animals in entertainment experience. Screenshot from "Performance" - copyright Animals Asia FoundationThe video is focused on China - but most of the scenes could, unfortunately, have been filmed anywhere.

What the video shows about elephants is one reason why we dedicate so much of our time to improving the welfare of these amazing, intelligent creatures. Your support for our work and the work of organisations such as Animals Asia Foundation can make a difference. Elephants and other animals deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Help us to change the way animals are treated. Visit on Facebook or our Donate Now page on ElephantVoices. Read more about elephants in captivity here.

Thank you!