It's been rather quiet from us for some time, though not caused by a lack of activities or events. After a fantastic Norwegian summer and a lot of traveling from late August until a few days ago, we are now nailed down to our office chairs working on different important documents.

The main focus over the next couple of months will be work related to finalizing chapters for the upcoming book The Amboseli Elephants, A long-term perspective on a long-lived mammal. This book will present the findings accumulated over more than 30 years of research on the Amboseli elephant population. We hope that it will be available in late 2007 (University of Chicago Press). During a ten day visit to Amboseli with other ATE colleagues in August/September most of Joyce's time was allocated to the preparation of this book.

In addition to the book completion, elephant advocacy and welfare work continue to be high on the agenda. In mid September Joyce went to the US, where among other meetings she visited the Elephant Sanctuary in Nashville, Tennessee. In December 2005 she visited PAWS/Ark2000 in San Andreas, California. Both sanctuaries represent a safe haven for retired, rescued and/or abused elephants, and even though no-one can replicate a life in the wild these sanctuaries represent a great alternative for many of Americas circus and zoo elephants.

Above left: Joyce meets elephants at the Elephant Sanctuary. Middle: Carol Buckley, Elephant Sanctuary Director, Joyce and Deb Forthman. Right: Joyce and one of PAWS' eight elephants study one another, with PAWS director Pat Derby standing by.

Joyce and Petter will be in Amboseli for a four-week field trip in December/January, mainly recording and shooting photo/video for our communication study.

Greetings, Petter/ElephantVoices