Education is vital to achieve the goals of ElephantVoices, and for conservation and welfare efforts in general. We will on this page link some of the media coverage related to ElephantVoices activities that we happen to come over.

Some links may not work - not all media keep their archives available long term. We apologize for the inconvenience.

What elephant calls mean: A user's guide. News Feature in National Geographic on 2 May 2014 - also posted on A Voice for Elephants.

Gift to the Maasai Mara, a Male Elephant is Born. Blog post by Joyce Poole & Petter Granli in National Geographic's A Voice for Elephants, 11 April 2014.

Orphan Elephants Lack Social Knowledge Key for Survival. Article in National Geographic's Daily News, interview Joyce Poole, 31 October 2013.

Name That Elephant: How to Identify Elephants in the Wild. Article in National Geographic's A Voice for Elephants 16 August 2013, with ElephantVoices video clips.

Joyce Poole as Studio Guest in China Radio International, Beijing, 21 June 2013.

Elephants communicate in Sophisticated Sign Language, Researchers Say. Article and interview Joyce Poole & Petter Granli in National Geographic's Newswatch, 24 April 2013.

Boyd Matson interview with Joyce Poole on National Geographic Weekend 7 April 2013.

Elephants communicate in Sophisticated Sign Language, Researchers Say. Blog post Joyce Poole & Petter Granli on National Geographic's A Voice for Elephants, 4 March 2013.

Joyce Poole and Petter Granli on NRK's Morgennytt (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Morning News) on 1 June 2012, talking about elephants, the work of ElephantVoices and the National Geographic documentary War Elephants. The interview is at around 08.25am, or at 26.15 on the video.

Joyce Poole and Petter Granli on NRK P2's Nyhetsmorgen, talking about elephants, the work of ElephantVoices and the National Geographic documentary War Elephants. Oslo, 1 June 2012.

Joyce Poole interviewed by National Geographics Boyd Matson on National Geographic weekend radio (Episode 1213), talking about elephants and the National Geographic documentary War Elephants. Washington DC, 25 March 2012.

Elephants Is A Family Affair. Radio interview with Joyce and Bob Poole on Animal House/NPR, Washington DC, 17 March 2012.

Live conversation with Joyce Poole on National Geographic on Facebook., Washington DC, 13 March 2012. (YouTube video)

redes, Spain, 20 July 2010: icon Entrevista (interview) Joyce Poole (323.76 kB)

Sad elephants in Barcelona Zoo - sanctuary in Europe needed.

There are several links to media coverage from an ElephantVoices visit to Barcelona in June 2012 at the bottom of the page linked.

Joyce Poole interview about the captured elephants in Zimbabwe, 21st May 2010, on SW Radio Africa. After buffering move to 23.15 to go directly to where it starts. You will find several media links about this issue on this page. Shortly after Zimbabwe cancelled this deal.

Joyce Poole on Talking Animals, talking about her life-long dedication to elephants and their interests. 12 May 2010,

Science Policy Forum, 12 March 2010. Conservation: Elephants, Ivory, and Trade. You will find the full paper icon here. (395.07 kB).

Visit and press conference 17 Sept. 2009 with Bob Barker, Joyce Poole and others, in Edmonton, Canada, related to elephant Lucy in Valley Zoo. Story on CTV here, video diary from visit here, and clip from Joyce Poole's statement in press conference here.

Interview with Joyce Poole on Norwegian Public Radio, NRK Vestfold NRKP2 and Sånn er Livet, about ElephantVoices work to get elephants out of circuses worldwide. 16 and 21 September 2009.

If You Knew Susi: Barcelona's 'Sad Elephant' Flap, Time online article, 19 May 2009.

Summit for Elephants - They Need Our Help, Article from PAWS conference, late April 2009.

Do elephants twitter, conversation between Joyce Poole and Sandip Roy. New America Media, San Francisco, March 2009. documentary Inside Out on American Zoos with an entire section dedicated to elephants.Listen to program, which includes interviews with Joyce Poole and others, January 2009.

Tusk, Tusk: Elephant Expert Scolds City Over Enclosure "Elephant in the Room, Now Elephant in Council Chambers (Joyce Poole)", NBC Los Angeles coverage Billy discussion LA City Council 18 November 2008.

Elephants' struggle with poaching lingers on ScienceNews, Magazine of the Society for Science & the Public, November 2008.

Joyce Poole shares her experiences learning the language of the elephants and recording their low-frequency rumblings, on National Geographic Radio, 27 September 2008. (Part 1 & 2)

Om elefanters forbøffende luktesans, intervju med Joyce Poole på bakgrunn av nylig fremlagt forskningsrapport. NRK P2, Verdt å vite, 25. Oct. 2007.

Elefanter kan prate - den intelligente kjempen (WWF Norge, Pandaklubben, Juli 2007)

Podcast Joyce Poole lecture at Explorers Club 5th February 2007. (Science & the City - Webzine of the New York Academy of Sciences)

Vídeo de la entrevista de la Comunidad Smart con la especialista en elefantes Joyce Poole Smartplanet, 2006, Spanish translation.

¿En qué se parece un elefante y un loro? (BBC, Mars 2006)

NewScientist, 18. February 2006: Elephants on the edge fight back (Full paper here (156.69 kB). Some other media coverage based on the above:, US, The Standard, Chinas business Newspaper, The Age, UK, Daily Telegraph, UK.

Ranger Rick, National Wildlife Federation, about "Elephant Talk" (November 2005)

The ethical management of Elephants and the value of long-term field research (Poole/Granli in AV Magazine, The American Anti-Vivisection Society, fall 2005)

"Scientist: Chicago Not Suitable Home For Elephants. Ordinance Would Require More Space For Animals." coverage Joyce Poole testimony. (25. August 2005) You will find links to other media coverage of the same issue/hearing (Elephant Ordinance Chicago City Council) here, and the testimony itself here.

Elefantprat, NRK Østafjells. (Friday 15. April 2005)

National Geographic News, Elephants Can Mimic Traffic, Other Noises, Study Says. (Wednesday 23. March 2005)

BBC News, World Edition, Elephants learn by sound mimicry. (Wednesday 23. March 2005)

Links (most) global print and online media coverage Nature Paper; Animal Behaviour: Elephants capable of vocal learning. (March/April 2005, 190 kb)

Thursday 3. February 7.30 pm, Schrödingers katt; Kan dyr varsle naturkatastrofer? Interview Joyce Poole on Norwegian NRK1. You will find an article about the program here.

National Geographic World Talk show 28 January 2005, presenting Joyce Poole/ElephantVoices (Downloadable 2 Mb .zip file, reduced quality)

Short presentation of ElephantVoices' main scope in Science Magazine, Netwatch, Volume 307 28 January 2005.

Article 4 January 2005, Did Animals Sense Tsunami Was Coming? Including interview Joyce.

Article Mountain Express, Idaho, related to lecture by Joyce in Ketchum, Idaho, 22. December 2004.

Interview with Joyce in Amboseli, BBC Radio 4, Open University Series, THE SOUND OF LIFE. (Programme 6, Meanings of Sounds, 10.30 minutes into the programme. All sounds provided by ElephantVoices). August 2004. File will be streamed in your own player.

From NG Explorer May 2004National Geographic Magazine and the Natonal Geographic Explorer (Student Magazine), May 2004 issues.

National Geographic Explorer (Student Magazine), May 2004 issue, web resources for teachers., March 3. 2004: "Elephants Call Long-Distance After-Hours"

Online with a Big communicator. Taft Bulletin, fall 2003. (3.89 MB), February 23, 2003: "In Africa, Decoding the Language of Elephants"