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Kicking an object or another individual in play. In play this action is repeated sometimes for long periods as the elephant "messes-around-with" an object of interest. Very often these are "novel" objects such as man-made things (paper bag, flip-canister, flip-flop, tin can, piece of cloth) that an elephant finds in his environment, but a log or stick may make any equally good though perhaps not so engaging "toy". This kind of playing, especially with novel objects is clearly very appealing for an elephant who may spend 10-20 minutes or longer totally absorbed with his or her "toy" alternatively Kicking-Back at it, rolling its foot over it, Foot-Touching it, as well as picking it up, biting it and swinging it around. While two or more may play together an elephant may guard his "toy" rather jealously from access by another. Other youngsters may Queue-Up and wait quietly for their turn with the toy. (73b)