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Typical Ear-Folding. (¬©ElephantVoices) Welcome to the Elephant Gestures Database¬©. This revised version of Poole and Granli, 2003 was published in April 2009. We will continue to update and fine-tune the database over the years, and a major expansion will take place during 2017/18. We hope that you will visit again. 

We are happy for any use of the database toward the better understanding, conservation and welfare of elephants. Please cite the database as "Poole, J.H. & Granli, P.K. 2009. ElephantVoices Gestures Database, http://www.elephantvoices.org, or, where appropriate, to the original source material as referenced.

You will find background information about the database here, and the full reference list here.

If you have comments or suggestions, mail us! To view the full sitemap for the database, click here.

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