Social-Roar (Z1902505)

In Amboseli, a roar occurs during a Mating-Pandemonium.

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Social-Roar (C2700024)

In Amboseli, a rumble-roar-rumble is given by Ebony as she greets her mother, Echo, after period of separation.

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Social-Roar (B3420606)

In Amboseli, Ebony, aged 5, gives a rumble-roar-rumble and is joined by Echo, Eliot and Erin in a Female-Chorus to musth male, Rashid.

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Social-Roar (B2011552)

In Amboseli, a rumble-roar-rumble or roar-rumble occurs in the midst of commotion in a distant group.

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Social-Roar (A1102846)

In the Maasai Mara, a rumble-roar occurs in the midst of a Mating-Pandemonium.

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