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Greeting-Ceremony (C2502054)

In Amboseli, a greeting-ceremony between Ella Eudora, Eleanor and Emma and their calves who come from Kudu Corner and catch up with the main body of the EB group. Erin goes forward to greet her daughter, Eleanor. The greeting-ceremony includes a series of rumbles and a some trumpets lasting over a minute.

Date added: 2009-05-25 12:19:16
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Greeting-Ceremony (C2403910-4010)

In Amboseli a greeting-ceremony between members of Echo's family that lasts three minutes (this clip is a sub-section). The greeting occurred between Echo, Enid, and Edwina. The former and others had gone through the elephant grid and were waiting on the other side for Edwina. They waited and waited. Finally she came and they greet when she arrives. Note the softer, shorter rumbles in amongst the longer rumbles that can be heard well from about 33 seconds into the clip. These are made by a running "lost" calf who trumpets in alarm. 

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Greeting-Ceremony (B3711713)

In Amboseli, a greeting-ceremony between the EBs as Echo, Erin, Eliot and their sub group join Ella, Eudora and Edwina and theirs. Note the great variety of overlapping rumbles, snort-rumbles, and social-trumpets and the ebb and flo of excitment that is reflected in the power and modulation of their calling.

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