Below you will find links and video related to the unfolding story of Kibo, a baby elephant who got stuck in a well and was rescued to be taken to David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's elephant orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya. Meeting a desperate baby trapped, and now seeing him thriving as "Kibo" at the orphanage, is heart warming. Kibo will one day be released back to the wild and, hopefully, live to a ripe old age in an environment free from the scourge of the ivory trade. In the meantime, he is an emissary, changing the hearts and minds of young school children in Kenya and, via the internet, people all over the world. 

Trumpets, Petter

The rescue of a baby elephant

A young baby elephant fell late at night 28 January 2009 into a man made well west of Amboseli National Park, Kenya, near Sinya Mines.

Some local maasai found him and asked the Amboseli Elephant Research Project for help to rescue him. For a long time we all tried to find his family, but they were not to be seen.

We had to get him up - he was injured, sunburned and exhausted. He wouldn't make it much longer.

Visiting Kibo one year after

On 28 February 2010 we visited Kibo in Sheldrick's orphanage in Nairobi, happy to see that he was doing well, was playful and thriving.