June 30, 2009
Newsletter June 2009
Dear ElephantVoices friends and contacts!

Our main message is simply: ElephantVoices is back online! Let us tempt you to visit with some highlights listed below.
It has, admittedly, been an enormous task for the two of us to develop the second generation of elephantvoices.org . Yet, since education and the sharing of knowledge underpin all that we do, and ElephantVoices.org is our connection to a global audience, it is well worth the effort! The more that people understand about the needs of elephants, the more effective we collectively can be at protecting them.
The contents of ElephantVoices represent the support of many institutions and individuals spanning decades - RBG, for instance, mentioned below, was recorded in 1986! The generous donations from many of you have made all of this possible. We continue to be totally dependent on people who think that elephants, their interests and our work on their behalf is worth supporting. Thank you all!
ElephantVoices online is a work-in- progress, and we have further multimedia developments in the pipeline. We apologize in advance for any malfunctions... Please take a tour of ElephantVoices and give us your comments and ideas on how we can further strengthen our voice. Take your time - explore!
  • Take a look at our long-awaited, unique searchable databases on elephant communication and behavior! On the elephant Call Types Database you can listen to, and learn about, the range of different sounds that African elephants make. And, in the Call Context-Type Database you can explore the particular calls elephants make in specific situations.

    Get to know elephants in a whole, new way - there is a wealth of information! For fun, have a listen to RBG’s deep, throbbing and sexy musth voice! Finally, learn more about elephant body language on the updated Gestures Database - we have added many more images and it's easier to use.

  • The welfare of elephants is of paramount concern to us, and the treatment of elephants in circuses and zoos and the capture of elephant calves for captivity receive a lot of our focus. Judgment in the Ringling case is due any day, and we have made gains in other places around the world. Visit our Elephant Interest section to find our stand on different issues, and maybe also the updated FAQ about elephants in captivity.

  • As usual we are involved in a number of collaborative research and writing projects. A particular link is difficult to give, since the results of our collaborative efforts are spread around on the site. We are particularly happy that the final chapter of the The Amboseli elephants: A long-term study of a long-lived mammal, has been delivered to the publisher and will be in print next year. We have launched a Document Download Center that, over time, will provide most of our publications as well as others that are relevant to the work of ElephantVoices.

  • We have taken part in several recent interviews including a WBUR.org documentary on American Zoos with an entire section dedicated to elephants. You will find selected links to media coverage related to the work of ElephantVoices here.

  • The site hosts a one-of-a-kind, searchable ID database designed for Asian elephants, which we developed for the Minneriya-Kaudulla Project on Sri Lanka. It currently contains a sample of elephants from this population. Once completed it should reduce the individual identification of elephants in the population to a few keystrokes. We hope this prototype will prove useful for monitoring other elephant populations, and help to connect the public online to "their" elephants and life in the wild.

  • On Sunday 3 May Echo, beloved matriarch of the EB family, died. The EBs have been the primary focus of our communication study and Echo’s wise and gentle leadership will be sorely missed. While Echo had reached the grand age of 65, three years of drought hastened her decline. For us, Echo’s passing symbolizes the end of an era – a period of three and half decades during which the Amboseli elephants have thrived. In her honor we have included a page containing images and the voice of Echo .

  • And finally: GIVE-AND-GET on ElephantVoices! You may enjoy an elephant music piece and a small "package" of sounds - Check them out!
We wish you and yours a relaxing summer holiday!
Warm regards, Joyce and Petter
Young males drinking at   the swamp edge.

Our Mission
To inspire wonder in the intelligence, complexity and voices of elephants and to secure a kinder future for them through research and the sharing of knowledge.

Joyce   and Petter

Hope to see you soon!
We will be on a lecture and fundraising tour in California in the second half of October, and hope to see many of you then.
We will finalize our program in early September, and until then we welcome ideas that can help our cause.

We will send out a newsletter when dates for events are set in stone.
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