An elephant Standing or moving with head held well above shoulders, and, with Chin-Up and Eyes-Open looking down at her adversary over the tusks with ears maximally forward (Ear-Spreading). Standing-Tall the elephant appears to increase in size and sometimes will deliberately stand upon an object such as a log or anthill (Attain-Higher-Ground) in order to increase its height.

Elephants normally stand or move about with their eyes cast down - a direct gaze with Eyes-Open is a component of many displays. This posture is often used toward non-elephant threats, such as predators and people, as in ‘I’ve got you in my sights, so watch it.’

All age/sex groups will engage in Standing-Tall.

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This behavioral constellation includes the following behaviors: Chin-Up, Ear-Spreading, Look-At and occurs in the following context(s): Aggressive, Conflict & Confrontation, Social Play