Standing on the periphery of a group, purposefully facing in the direction she wishes to travel by Body-Axis-Pointing, an elephant Waits attentively, Rumbling, ‘Let's go,’ every minute or so, while attempting to influence the other members of her family to move in the direction she is proposing. Her calling is associated with Ear-Flapping and she may adopt Intention-Movements, such as Foot-Lifting, Foot-Swinging, Ear-Flap-Slide, Ear-Slap and Walk-Wait - taking a few steps in the direction she wishes to go. Over minutes, or tens of minutes, other elephants may join the initiator, calling and Waiting and pointing, in a sense adding their voices and numbers to the roll call.

Adult, adolescent and juvenile elephants may initiate a Let’s-Go-Stance, but this behavior is more often observed among family groups than among all male groups. While younger calves and infants may participate in some of the associated behaviors, such as Waiting, they do not initiate a Let’s-Go-Stance.

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This behavioral constellation includes the following behaviors: Cadenced-Rumble, Ear-Flap-Slide, Ears-Stiff, Foot-Lifting, Foot-Swinging, J-Trunk, Lets-Go-Rumble, Waiting, Walk-Wait and occurs in the following context(s): Movement, Space & Leadership