An elephant exhaling through the trunk while pinching the trunk fingers together and making a high-frequency squeaking sound. This sound may be produced by contemplatively playful elephants and may be associated with other trunk sounds like Squelching. 

This behavior occurs in the following context(s): Lone & Object Play, Novel & Idiosyncratic


Context: Novel & Idiosyncratic (1)

This young male has been Standing next to our car for over 9 minutes. He has been playing with a couple of stones. In this clip he engages in a couple of idiosyncratic sounds. First, he breathes very purposefully out and then purposefully in, making loud breathing sounds. Then he puts his trunk into his mouth and makes a sound like a Paryngeal-Pouch-Suck as if sucking water from the back of his throat into his trunk and moving it around.

His trunk hangs in an elongated look and he moves it about making Squelching type sounds. Then he removes the tip of his trunk and lays it on the ground with the fingers pinched together. He continues to make Squelching sounds and then exhales through the pinched trunk fingers making a high-frequency-sound like a Squeak. Then he blows forcefully and water is blown out of the tip of his trunk. (Amboseli, Kenya)


Context: Novel & Idiosyncratic (2)

A juvenile female has been standing by our car studying us. She has been within 2 meters of us feeding on grass and contemplating us. She obviously thinks this is amusing as she has already given us a Squelch and now she playfully lowers herself onto her knees and exhales loudly while pinching the fingers of her trunk together almost producing a Squeak. (Amboseli, Kenya)