When highly aroused such as during a Mating-Pandemonium, Bonding-Ceremony, or Greeting-Ceremony, elephants may produce highly variable and often overlapping calls types including Rumbles, Revs, Grunts, Trumpets, Roars and Snorts. They also produce combination calls, such as Snort-Trumpets, Trumpet-Rumbles, Rumble-Roar-Rumbles, Rev-Rumbles etc. In addition, elephants may make novel sounds that do not fit into previously defined call types. We include an example of a call that sounds like a short squeal, somewhere between a high pitched Trumpet and a Cry that could have originated either in the trunk or the larynx. As we await other possible examples and or possible classification in an existing call type, we have named it, Squeal-Trumpet.  

References: Poole & Granli 2021. (Full reference list)

This behavior occurs in the following context(s): Novel & Idiosyncratic


Context: Novel & Idiosyncratic (1)

A Mating between Pascal and Qadija has just taken place a couple of minutes ago and a Mating-Pandemonium is ongoing. As the clip starts Queiroz, who has been most vocal during the Pandemonium, moves from left to right and the others begin to follow her. She gives another Rumble.

Then we think what happens is that Matriarch Qoral and mother of the newborn Pushes 10 year old allomother Qaskazi (daughter of Qasima) out of the way. Qaskazi then inadvertently knocks the infant over who Roars twice. Someone gives what sounds like a Trumpet-Blast, but it is most likely a Social-Trumpet. Being very close to the microphone our recorder is getting confused:-). There is a Snort followed at 13 seconds by a very weird, novel call that is difficult to classify - we have tentatively called is a Squeal-Trumpet because it sounds as though it originates in the trunk.

Qasima with the convergent tusks has her Ears-Lifted and Head-Raised. She turns to faces us and Rumbles loudly. Qoral steps forward with her and someone, possibly Qaskazi, gives a Snort-Trumpet. Qasima Rumbles and Urinates. Qoral reaches back to check on her infant and Coo-Rumbles to him. (Amboseli, Kenya)