Giving names to individual elephants helps people to remember who is who and fosters a heart-felt connection for individuals.

Name a Mara elephant - Elephant Partners logoBy providing the possibility for the public to name elephants we hope to bind together a community of people who care for the Mara elephants - those people living in the Mara who are monitoring and protecting the elephants and those who live far away whose donations support the project.

Residents of the Mara: If you know and often see a particular elephant, and if you submit regular observations to Elephant Partners online databases, you may submit your suggested name for that individual.

Non-residents of the Mara: With a donation of $500 toward this ElephantVoices' project you may give a unique name to an elephant. Educational outreach, including local scholarships, that will support the goals of Elephant Partners, will be of high priority in the allocation of such donations.

To name an elephant, and to access the Who's Who & Whereabouts databases, you will first need to register and be approved. Having logged in you can look through the Mara Elephant Who's Who database and choose an elephant, who has not already been named, and who you would like to name. Click the "I'd like to name this elephant" link on the ID card for that particular elephant. This link is not available on ID cards of elephants who have already been named. Your donation will be processed safely through ElephantVoices on PayPal, and will go directly toward the Elephant Partners initiative.

Naming donor is shown in Mara Elephants Who's Who databaseAn approved name will appear in the Mara Elephant Who's Who database, and the name of the person having given the name will also show. You can follow "your" elephant(s) by checking the observations visible through the ID card, by entering the elephant´s name or ID Code on the mapping function, through updates and potential observations posted on ElephantVoices and Elephant Partners on Facebook.

ElephantVoices has the right to approve or decline any suggested name. If a name is declined (for instance because it already exists), you may select another. ElephantVoices will not in any way sell or allow others access to your personal information.