Join and contribute to Elephant Partners - You can do so in several ways. We are grateful for your comments about and observations of the Mara elephants. Read how to contribute below. You can also follow Elephant Partners on Facebook - where you will find posts about the Mara elephants by us or by others. You can even name an elephant - here!

We welcome your financial support, too! We are using Network for Good for processing credit card donations. On the donation form you can choose to contribute directly to Elephant Partners. Please click on logo to the right - it will take just a couple of minutes to make a difference to the lives of elephants - thank you!

How to comment on an elephant

If you want to comment on a particular elephant, or on observations that have been uploaded, you can do so on the elephant's ID card. Scroll down below the photographs and you will see all the observations of that individual and a place where you can add your comment. We look forward to hearing from you!

How to upload observation data through the web

We welcome your observations! If you have seen a group of elephants, or have photographs of Mara elephants and have been able to recognize them using the Who's who, please let us know. Go to the Whereabouts pageScreenshot The Mara EleAppand click "My observations". You will be taken to the login page where you will be asked to register. When we have approved your request, go to "My observations" and click "NEW OBS" to enter a new observation. A form will appear on will to enter the information to the best of your ability. You can later edit your observation, or add an image.

How to upload data from the cellphone app

A number of people living and/or working in the Mara have been trained to use a customized Android-based app (Mara EleApp) for the upload of elephant observations. You can also contribute, as long as you have registered and we have approved you. You can download the app from the Mara EleApp page, through the link or by scanning the QR code. Read other instructions on this page - it won´t take long.

To retain the integrity of the dataset, ElephantVoices/Elephant Partners has the right to unpublish any observation we think is incorrect and irrelevant.